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Pregnancy and babyhood

Information about a healthy pregnancy – the first step in helping your baby to have the best start in life. Free copies of Having a Healthy Pregnancy book can be ordered from the site

Best Beginnings
Lots of information for pregnancy and the first few months after birth. Baby Buddy mobile phone app is available as a free download, as well as printed resources

Baby Friendly Initiative
Lots of information and advice about breast and bottle feeding – and introducing your baby to solid foods. Download or order free resources

Healthy eating

First Steps Nutrition
Clear free resources to help you find out about healthy meals and snacks for young children and feel confident about portions and portion sizes as your child grows

Change 4 Life
Meal planner to help your family eat healthily on a budget and make sure you get your 5-a-day. The meal planner is full of tasty recipes and works out your shopping list for you

NHS Choices
20 tips to eat well for less

Practical information for healthy eating, recipes and weaning advice

Activity and sleep

Change 4 Life
Department of Health guidance recommends that under 5s are active for at least 3 hours a day. Find lots of tips and ideas to get you and your children active every day on the Change4Life website

NHS Choices
Making sure babies and young children get enough sleep is essential for healthy growth and development. You’ll find guidance about the amount of sleep babies and young children need, as well as lots of tips about developing sleep routines and dealing with sleep problems on the NHS Live Well website

Born to move app
A free NHS app with advice, tips and games that you can play with your child to support their development.
iOS download
Android download


Family Lives
Family Lives is a national family support charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life

Oral Health

NHS Choices
Maintaining a good oral health routine will help to keep yours & your child’s teeth healthy. You’ll find tips on how to brush your child’s teeth, as well as tips on how to reduce the amount of sugar in your child’s diet and prevent tooth decay.

G.U.L.P (Give Up Loving Pop)
Information about the health risks associated with over consumption of sugary drinks, including tooth decay and weight gain.

Sugar Swaps

Action on Sugar
Information on sugar and its effects on health, providing tips on how to reduce your sugar intake.

FoodSwitch UK
A free smartphone app to help you find food and drink products with less sugar. You just scan the barcodes and instantly see whether they are high (red), medium (amber) or low (green) in fat, saturates, sugars and salt per 100g. It also recommends similar but healthier alternatives supporting healthier food choices.


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