How can HENRY help me?

HENRY helps give babies and young children a healthy start in life. We provide courses and resources for parents and families, as well as for the early years practitioners who support them. We work with public health commissioners to help support behaviour change for a healthy lifestyle.

This page is intended to help each of these groups find the information they need.

Support for Parents

Information for Practitioners

Information for Commissioners


Support for Parents

HENRY recognises that parents’ emotional well-being and confidence are just as important for a healthy lifestyle as nutrition and activity.

Family Programmes
Join a HENRY Group Programme to develop your confidence and skills to support a healthy lifestyle for your family.

Where We are Working
Find a HENRY Group Programme near you.

Healthy Eating Right from the Start
A short video covering how to help your child develop healthy eating habits right from the start

Success Stories
HENRY has helped thousands of families across the UK. Read the stories of other parents who HENRY has supported.

Healthy Recipes
Try these easy-to-master recipes, which your whole family can enjoy. They are inexpensive, quick, and simple to prepare.

Active Play Ideas
Your child needs plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them in an active way. Here are some great everyday activities to try.

Useful Links
Useful links to help you develop a healthy family lifestyle.

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Information for Practitioners

HENRY’s evidence-based training helps practitioners support families to develop a healthier lifestyle. Our early years training courses are suitable for health visitors, midwives, children’s centre workers, nutritionists, dieticians and child-minders.

Early Years Training
Learn how to use solution-focused support as part of a strength-based partnership approach to support families to change old habits and achieve their goals

Order HENRY resources
HENRY has a wide range of resources to assist with your work with families

Book individual places on HENRY trainings
HENRY normally trains a group of practitioners in your own local area, however, we also offer individual places at HENRY trainings in central locations.

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Information for Commissioners

HENRY interventions have a sustained positive impact on a family’s lifestyle and a child’s well-being.

Overview of HENRY
HENRY is an award-winning charity that has developed a national reputation for delivering responsive packages of support that help parents to adopt a healthier and happier family lifestyle.

The HENRY Approach
HENRY’s award winning work is grounded in the latest research into both the factors contributing to child obesity and the qualities of successful child obesity programmes.

HENRY has the strongest evidence base of any early years obesity prevention scheme in the UK

Child Obesity and the importance of the Early Years
Children are growing up in an increasingly obesogenic environment, particularly in disadvantaged areas. Eating and activity habits, as well as food preferences, are developed early on in life so if we are going to turn around rising rates of obesity, we need to start at birth.

HENRY training has a long-term profound impact on the lives of both practitioners and parents


HENRY’s Outstanding Contribution to Community Health

Partners and Supporters
HENRY works with over 60 local authorities and NHS Trusts around the country as well as other partners and supporters who help HENRY to deliver its mission

With additional project funding HENRY supports local communities to promote healthier lifestyles