HENRY is highly effective in improving family lifestyle healthiness and developing practitioner skills in supporting families:

Family Programmes

  • 99% approval rating of the programme – that means rating it as good (26%) or great (73%)
  • 92% of families are leading healthy or very healthy lifestyles by the end of the programme compared to just 17% at the start
  • 75% of families continue to lead healthier lives after a HENRY programme has finished
  • 63% increase in overall healthiness of family lifestyle
  • 81% completion rate on HENRY parent programmes – that means 81% of those who start it get to the end of the programme
  • 45% of children are eating the recommended 5-a-day by the end of the programme compared with only 17% at the start and a national average of 19.5% (NOO)

“HENRY has changed my life and my children’s lives. I feel very happy and confident with what I feed my children. I am less stressed and me and my children enjoy family days out whilst getting loads of exercise. I really enjoyed the HENRY course.” – Parent on HENRY group

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Health & Early Years Practitioner Training

  • 94% of practitioners leave HENRY training with improved skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle child obesity and 92% leave with a high level of confidence to do so
  • 64% average increase in each practitioner’s skills, knowledge and confidence of how to tackle child obesity following HENRY training. This is based on asking practitioners to rate this out of 10 at the start and then again at the end of training
  • 71% of practitioners continue to use their HENRY skills more than 12 months after training – and many use it more than 5 years after training
  • 67% of practitioners apply HENRY knowledge and techniques in their personal lives – a clear testament to the value of the training
  • 97% of practitioners say the HENRY training met or exceeded their expectations

“I have worked in Early Years for 15 years and attended many training events. This one has certainly been the best!” – Practitioner on HENRY Training

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