The HENRY Approach

The HENRY approach was developed in response to an identified gap for a practical intervention that would deliver the key evidence-based messages contained in Tackling obesity through the healthy child programme – a framework for action.  

HENRY was founded in 2006 – with grant funding from the Department of Health and the Department for Children, Schools and Families – by Professor Mary Rudolf, an internationally recognised expert in child obesity, and Candida Hunt, a training consultant and specialist in parenting and behaviour change.  

HENRY’s award winning work now has the strongest evidence base of any early years obesity prevention scheme in the UK and is grounded in the latest research into both the factors contributing to child obesity and the qualities of successful child obesity programmes.

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Evidence shows that HENRY is making a real impact in the fight against childhood obesity. Its multi-layered approach is both unique and highly successful, which works because it:

  • supports families right from the start – starting in pregnancy and focusing on 0-5 year olds – in order to intervene early and avoid the personal and socio-economic consequences of obesity
  • addresses the physical and emotional well-being of babies, young children and the
    whole family
  • recognises that parenting skills and efficacy underpin a healthy lifestyle for babies and young children
  • provides a practical framework to implement the evidence-based Family Partnership Model, which has been associated with improvements in family relationships, as well as children’s development, behaviour and emotional functioning
  • adopts a strength-based and solution-focused approach to working with parents
  • is outcome based
  • combines universal services with additional support for those at greater risk

The HENRY programme fully complies with NICE guidance PH47 on the core components of weight management and lifestyle programmes.