Mum and child cuddling

Are you finding life with young children a challenge? You’re not alone!  With the stresses of the ongoing pandemic, many parents are facing new challenges and at times have found it hard to keep their family happy and healthy.

If you’re a parent or carer of young children, we can offer you free support provided by a friendly and trained HENRY practitioner either online or by telephone.

Opportunities include:

  • Online parent support groups run by a HENRY facilitator a chance to share experiences with a small group of other parents, find ways of reducing stress and gain new ideas to manage daily family life and get your little ones off to a great start
  • Sessions on specific topics such as introducing your baby to solids or tackling fussy eating – provided on the phone or via video calls
  • Having a HENRY Buddy - someone who will keep in regular contact with you, providing practical and emotional support to help you through the challenges of family life. You can sign up for a Buddy using this form 

To find out more or to take part please fill in our online form and we’ll get in touch with you. Or alternatively, give us a ring on 01865 302973.