Biryani 2

New HENRY cooking programme

We now have a brand new cooking programme! It will be delivered each term in Bradford over the next 3 years, it is coming soon to Luton, and is available to be commissioned in other areas*.

The new programme consists of six 2-hour sessions which build the confidence and skills of parents to cook simple healthy meals (on a budget) for the whole family. Participants choose the meals they want to learn together, and are encouraged to try making it again at home between sessions, or even try a new recipe if they wish. It is suitable for those with no cooking skills, or those looking to build on a few skills they already have.

Biriyani 1 & 3

Parents can join the programme before or after joining our Healthy Families programme – they each meet different needs so we encourage parents to attend both. Some families may benefit more from one programme than the other, so practitioners will work with parents to help decide what is best for them. As well as cooking skills the programme also addresses:

  • what is healthy eating
  • what’s in our food
  • food safety
  • healthy food swaps
  • budgeting
  • portions and portion sizes
  • how to reduce mealtime stress and model healthy eating habits.

*In fact, if you are trained to deliver our Healthy Families programme then, with a little more support from us, you will be able to deliver this programme too (provided your authorisation and licence are up to date). Contact us to find out more.