Let's make easy minestrone soup

Cooking time
20 minutes

50g small pasta pieces such as fusilli or penne

500g of passata or 1 large can (400g) of chopped tomatoes

350g of frozen mixed vegetables

1/2 a stock cube or 1tsp bouillon powder

1tspn dried mixed herbs or 1 tblsp fresh parsley, finely chopped

800ml (1½ pints) water

chopping board and knife

weighing scales

saucepan and wooden spoon

tin opener

tablespoon and teaspoon

measuring jug

Easy minestrone soup

Add all the ingredients to a large pan.

Minestrone 1

Bring to the boil stirring occasionally so the pasta does not stick to the bottom.

Minestrone 2

Turn the heat down and simmer until the pasta is cooked.

Minestrone 3
Serving suggestions
  • Allow the soup to cool before serving
  • Keep cooled leftover soup in the fridge for up to 2 days
  • Freeze leftovers, or make double the quantity and freeze some
Top tips
  • If making this for a baby, leave the stock cube/bouillon powder out and mash to the right consistency
  • Add different vegetables or some cooked chicken or sausages
Suggested recipes
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Dhal and chapattis

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Leek, potato and pea soup

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