HENRY is underpinned by the best available evidence about the factors that contribute to child obesity and the components of successful interventions.

Independent clinical studies prove that HENRY works

Rigorous evaluation has demonstrated how effective both our practitioner training and family interventions are. Research shows that:

  • Families participating in HENRY parent groups make significant improvements to their lifestyle, maintained at follow-up, including healthier eating across the whole family, increased activity levels and increased parenting efficacy.
  • HENRY training has a long-term, profound impact on practitioners’ professional and personal lives, increasing their confidence and skills to tackle lifestyle change – with benefits sustained up to 5 years after completing the training.
  • HENRY training leads to considerable positive changes to children’s centre policy and practice, including provision of age-appropriate portion sizes and healthy snacks and strengthened team working.

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Click for full details and PDFs of independent clinical studies on HENRY impact

Integrating support with measuring outcomes

We evaluate all our work because we want to be sure that:

  • Investment in HENRY is a cost-effective use of public money
  • We are providing high-quality training and support
  • We learn from what we do in order to develop new services.

The HENRY Framework for supporting behaviour change is an outcomes-based support tool that integrates effective and sensitive support with non-intrusive recording of information about impact.