Bean and cheese wraps

Let's make bean and cheese wraps

Prep time
10 minutes

2 large cans mixed bean salad

4 large tortillas or wraps

160g hard cheese grated (e.g. Cheddar)

1 large red pepper

4 sticks of celery

chopping board, knife and fork

tin opener


Bean and cheese wraps

Drain and rinse the mixed bean salad then mash with a fork.

Wrap 1

Divide the beans between the four tortillas and top with the grated cheese. Roll up and slice as needed.

Wrap 2

De-seed the pepper and wash the celery and slice both into sticks. Serve red pepper and celery sticks with the wraps.

Wrap 3
Serving suggestions
  • Try other raw vegetables instead of red pepper and celery
Top tips
  • Get the children involved by letting them mash the bean salad, adding the cheese and choosing their favourite vegetable sticks
  • Great idea for a school lunchbox option
  • Try them for a picnic or a party
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