Involve your company
Involve your company

HENRY is a growing national charity as well as being the UK's leading healthy start provider and trusted brand working with thousands of families and practitioners across the country. We are excited to work in partnership with businesses to extend our vital work giving children a brighter future.

Benefits of supporting HENRY in the workplace

  • Boost staff morale, motivation and satisfaction by making a positive difference to the lives of families with young children
  • Get healthy and active by taking part in one of HENRY’s sporting challenges
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Create opportunities to strengthen team building and enhance skill development by volunteering at a HENRY programme supporting your local community
  • Improve staff wellbeing, productivity and workplace satisfaction with bespoke healthy living support
  • Build positive awareness, increase customer loyalty and strengthen your brand
  • Generate media opportunities by linking to HENRY’s website and engaging in social media activities that create a feel-good factor
  • Enhance your company’s profile and values in a proactive and fun way

Below are some ways you can support HENRY and involve your company.

Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year partnerships allow us to get more involved with your staff and company. We’re committed to supporting your initiatives so that they are mutually beneficial and rewarding for all involved.

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Healthy living initiative

We can work with you to develop a healthy lifestyle initiative for your employees, designed to suit your workforce and deliver specific objectives relating to your company's well-being, social responsibility and HR policies. Our team of experienced trainers based throughout the UK can offer your employees the benefits of HENRY in the workplace.

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Employee fundraising

We’d love to support you to devise your own calendar of fundraising events and activities! Whether it’s a simple dress-down day or a charity ball, our team of fundraising professionals are on hand to make sure you have all the support and resources you need.

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Strategic partnerships

HENRY works in partnership was companies of all sizes throughout the UK.  Developing a mutually beneficial partnership with us can provide you with business benefits as well as offering support to HENRY and the families we work with.

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Charity of the year feature
Charity of the Year

Make HENRY your company's charity of the year to start a mutually beneficial partnership

Healthy living initiative feature
Healthy living initiative

A bespoke package for you and your staff, promoting workplace health and wellbeing 

Employee fundraising feature
Employee fundraising

Support HENRY in the workplace, from payroll giving to volunteering and gifts in kind

Strategic partnerships feature
Strategic partnerships

Opportunities for like-minded companies to align their business with HENRY