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Improving practitioner effectiveness

Helping families make positive lifestyle changes depends on the knowledge and skills of the practitioner.

Our evidence-based training courses equip practitioners to provide more effective support for families – helping them develop and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Research shows that providing information alone is unlikely to lead to lifestyle change. Effective support for behaviour change is therefore vital. Research consistently shows practitioners often lack the skills, knowledge and confidence both to raise sensitive issues (eg parenting, family routines, lifestyle and weight) and to support the behaviour change process.

When practitioners adopt the proven HENRY approach to behaviour change (Bridge & Willis, 2019) families make lasting lifestyle changes. This means working in partnership with families, developing relationships based on trust and respect, and doing things with families rather than to them or for them.

HENRY training helps practitioners support families because it:

  • Integrates evidence-based models to develop motivation and support behaviour change
  • Highlights strengths and promotes self-efficacy

  • Focuses on solutions

Independent longitudinal evaluation has demonstrated:

  • Increased practitioner confidence to tackle complex and sensitive lifestyle issues following HENRY training

  • Health Visitors, early years workers, and other practitioners continue to use the knowledge and skills gained many years after they complete HENRY training

  • Tangible impact of HENRY training on family outcomes

  • Practitioners make sustained positive lifestyle changes in their personal lives, which enhances their credibility with parents

  • Positive changes to policy and practice in early years settings – including age-appropriate portion sizes, healthy snacks and strengthened team working

The proven effectiveness of our training in achieving long term lifestyle change means it offers real value for money.

More than 16,000 practitioners have joined HENRY training – health visiting staff, school nurses, midwives, children’s centre staff, outreach workers, family support workers, nursery staff, childminders and more.

All our training is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

HENRY-trained practitioners help parents provide a healthy start in life – read testimonials from practitioners and parent stories.

To discuss or commission HENRY training contact us on 01865 302973.

I went on a HENRY training course and learned that I needed to do less talking and more listening

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