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Infant Feeding in Waltham Forest

Infant Feeding - breast, bottle or mixed


Our friendly team is here to help with practical and emotional support, however you are feeding your baby.

Support by phone

We have a dedicated infant feeding helpline, staffed by our local practitioners (0207 961 9073)with the opportunity to provide support by WhatApp or video call. The team takes called from Monday to Friday 9-5pm and Saturday 9-2pm. 

Face-to-face group sessions

We run 8 face-to-face  sessions across Waltham Forest from Monday to Friday. These sessions are free to access and run in small group settings for families.  We have two women only sessions. See our events page to see our upcoming session timetable. 

Online support (coming in October)

For families with young babies (0-8 weeks), we hold an online group information group session which provides up-to-date information to enable you to feed your baby confidently and addresses challenges such as night-time feeding, sleep, and parent well-being. You will have a chance to share any questions and explore your feeding journey with other local parents. 

Topics that often come up include:

  • What to expect from birth to 8 weeks old
  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk
  • Positioning and attaching your baby
  • Different feeding positions and feeding cues
  • Difficulties in the early weeks, latching, milk supply & expressing
  • Responsive bottle feeding
  • Learn about caring for your baby
  • Meeting baby's emotional needs
  • Where to get support and information in the borough. 

Sessions run weekly, and all the dates can be found on our events calendar



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Waltham Forest infant feeding helpline

Waltham Forest Infant Feeding Helpline

tips for feeding your new baby feature
Tips for feeding your new baby

Bond with your baby and give them the best start - whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Infant Feeding Timetable

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