Woman reading a HENRY story book to two young children

Coronavirus: a crisis for vulnerable children

Please help HENRY protect the UK's most vulnerable children during the COVID-19 crisis. Across the UK, children are facing lockdown in cramped, poor quality housing, with shortages of basic supplies, cared for by parents under immense pressure.

We are deeply concerned about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on young children, who are totally dependent on adults for their care. For some children, home won't be a safe haven unless their parents have the support they need.

Please help HENRY to help families through this difficult time by supporting our emergency appeal to provide help to vulnerable families during this crisis. 

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This is hard beyond belief. I am petrified it will break us as a family. Trying to keep the kids fed without school dinners is a constant worry. Keeping them busy in a small flat with no garden and trying not to lose my own mind at the same time is just so so difficult.