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Top Tips for Fussy Eating

As a parent, it’s natural to worry if your child isn’t eating well. But if this is something you’re struggling with, you’re not alone. More than half of all parents with toddlers describe having some concerns around their child’s eating.

Young children have a natural tendency to become choosy about what they will and won’t eat as they grow into toddlerhood. It can come as a surprise when young children, who as babies were happy to try new foods, start refusing what you give them. Or perhaps, even as a baby, your child was less confident with unfamiliar tastes and textures. Babies and children are all different, including in their attitude to food.

Just because it’s a common issue for young children doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating for their parents! Battles around food can be a very stressful part of daily family life. But whether this is an issue you have been struggling with for a while – or whether your child has become more restricted in the foods they eat as they’ve got older – there are things we can do as parents to help them become more adventurous eaters.

Many parents find the following ideas make a difference. There isn’t one strategy that will work with all children - some approaches will be more useful to some families than others, and it’s about finding what works for yours.

And patience and persistence will be important – keep reminding yourself that the vast majority of children come through this phase and grow up enjoying a wide range of healthy foods.