Hong Kong

Hong Kong

In 2012 we delivered our first international training, in Hong Kong.

Obesity rates are rising rapidly in Hong Kong. In 2011, 9% children starting school were obese, compared to 7.7% just 4 years earlier in 2007.

14 practitioners undertook 4 days of HENRY training – including medical and nursing staff and a clinical psychologist. Their response to the training was extremely positive, demonstrating that the HENRY approach is relevant across different cultural settings.

Benefits described by participants included:

  • a clearer understanding of what helps people to change their behaviour
  • increased ability to build relationships with parents based on empathy and understanding – and therefore to adapt support to meet parents’ needs
  • recognition of the importance of listening and exploring parents’ existing skills
  • new insights into the value of using a solution-focused approach and working in partnership with parents – both to create rewarding respectful relationships between practitioners and parents and to build self-efficacy

The training is great fun. I really learnt a lot from the inspiring solution-focused approach and  can use it within normal daily life, not only with my clients. 

Family health worker, Hong Kong
Facilitator and parent HENRY family programme
The HENRY approach

Supporting parents to provide a healthy start in life for their children