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The evidence is clear that, for children to flourish, effective and confident parenting is essential. Studies have shown:

  • The brain is just 25% formed at birth, rising rapidly to 80% at age 3
  • The relationship between a baby or young child and parent has a particular impact on areas of brain development which govern the capacity for rational thought, empathy and self-control
  • Children with secure attachment have greater self-confidence, improved social skills, and higher achievement at school

HENRY support helps parents develop warm and responsive relationships with their children and their skills and confidence to hold boundaries where needed e.g. around bedtimes, mealtimes, tooth brushing, food etc.

  • Our early years 8-week Healthy Families: Right from the Start programme is used by many commissioners as a key early years parenting pathway. It has a strong evidence-base with external academic studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing statistically significant and sustained changes in parenting efficacy, parenting confidence, parental emotional wellbeing, and stronger parent-child relationships. One parent said ‘this programme was the best thing I could possibly do to be a better mum’
  • Our suite of Healthy Families workshops includes a stress-busting workshop to improve parental emotional wellbeing and build their resilience to cope with daily life
  • Our primary age 10-week Healthy Families: Growing up programme is aimed at parents as the primary influencers and agents of change within the family. Like all our support it is person-centred, solution-focused and strengths-based so we help parents identify what they want to change in their family and their own strategies to achieve it.

Several local authorities use HENRY as their principal early years parenting offer due to its evidence base for improved parenting efficacy and parental emotional wellbeing. Find out how HENRY supports all areas of child development and school readiness.

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