Taste Journey

Introducing your baby to solid foods

Making the change from milk to solid foods is a whole new chapter for you and your baby, as well as an important step in your baby’s development. At the same time as getting used to eating, they’re also developing long-lasting habits, likes and dislikes around food. Your baby is ready to try solid foods when they are able to do three things (normally around 6 months):                                                                                                                            

          ✓ Stay in a sitting position and hold their head up unsupported

          ✓ Pick food up and put it in their mouth by themselves

           Move food to the back of their mouth and swallow it   

Knowing what to start with, and how to feed your baby, can be confusing and sometimes worrying for us as parents. These top tips will help you introduce solid foods confidently and safely, as well as help your baby grow up eating and enjoying healthy foods.