eating well for less

Eating well for less

Trying to eat well and make healthy choices when shopping on a budget can seem very daunting. However, healthy choices don’t need to be expensive choices and following these top tips will help you keep to a budget and help the whole family eat more healthily. 

Top tips for eating well for less

  • Plan meals for the week ahead, starting with what’s in the cupboard

  • Write a shopping list for your weekly meal plan

  • Replace meat a couple of times a week with lower cost and healthier options like beans and pulses, which also keep for longer

  • Involve the family in planning and choosing healthy meals

  • Stick to the shopping list – remove any items from your basket that are not on the list before paying

  • Choose loose, rather than pre-packed, fruit and vegetables, and check for those that are in season as they may be cheaper

  • Buy store brands as they often cost less than branded items

  • Buy frozen and tinned vegetables and fruit – these are a healthy alternative (if in own juice and low salt) and can be cheaper than buying fresh

  • Buy in bulk and make your own portions at home

  • Shop during ‘happy hour’ when food is reduced