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If you are a professional in City & Hackney, for more information on our service including our referral criteria, contact us on 07519 109876 or at

Referrals to the Healthy Families programme

If you are a professional and would like to refer a family to our service for the 8-week Healthy Families group programme, a workshop or other support, please download and complete our referral form. You can view our referral guide here for more information. 

Referrals for a Peer Supporter in Pregnancy

Peer Supporters will support families across a number of topics, including maternal health and babies’ development and will identify support services within the City & Hackney community. Peer Supporters will be paired on a 1-to-1 basis with pregnant women and new families.

Professionals can refer to the Peer Support Service by clicking here. 


The Best Start with HENRY service also provides free practitioner training courses for health and early years practitioners across City & Hackney to help you provide effective support for a healthy start to the families you work with. The HENRY approach, which underpins all of our professional training courses, is a highly effective strengths-based and partnership way to support behaviour change.

The 4 different types of training offered in City and Hackney are:

  1. Raise, Engage, Refer: This training is delivered online over two x 2-hour sessions. It is suitable for a wide range of practitioners, such as health and early years practitioners, nursery nurses, those in the community voluntary service who are working with families to help develop confidence-raising lifestyle issues and understanding of how HENRY can benefit families.
  2. Core Training: This 2-day course helps practitioners gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide effective support for parents and carers so they can give their children a healthy, happy childhood. This training is required to become an authorised HENRY facilitator.
  3. Group Facilitation Training: This 2-day course follows on from Core Training. It equips practitioners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become an authorised facilitator to lead HENRY programmes and workshops for parents and carers of children aged 0-5
  4. Healthy Start in Childcare Training: To give childminders the ability to develop healthy food, healthy routines and activity ideas for children in their care. 

Search for Training on our training events calendar to find our upcoming dates, and use this form to register your interest.

Or contact us to find out more details.

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL)

The Best Start with HENRY team works in collaboration with Hackney Education to promote the HEYL Awards, which align with national dietary recommendations for children aged 6 months to 5 years and sets out food and drink guidelines for young children in England. HENRY provides support and training for Early Years settings and Childminders to improve menus and mealtimes, helping to promote a healthy weight and healthy teeth and gums for all young children living in Hackney. 

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