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Our offer by commissioning priority

All our services have at their heart the holistic, evidence-based HENRY approach. This means that all our family support and practitioner training are underpinned by a strengths-based partnership model of working with families which develops family emotional wellbeing, parenting efficacy and healthy lifestyle habits.

This holistic approach means that all HENRY services support the different and inter-related aspects of a great start in life and healthy, happy childhood.

Read more about how HENRY supports the breadth of child development and school readiness.

But we understand that commissioners may have specific priorities for commissioning, so here we summarise our offer by some key themes. We also provide tailored packages in response to local needs, gaps and commissioning priorities.

Please get in touch to discuss your circumstances, what we can offer, delivery models, and so we can shape the right solution together.

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Effective family support

Our innovative and flexible range of family support services

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A commissioner guide to HENRY family support services, training and delivery models