Chicken goujons

Let's make chicken goujons

Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes

3 chicken breasts (about 350g skin removed)

1 egg

3 tbsp of plain flour

3 slices of bread crumbled into breadcrumbs (see Top Tips)

Ground black pepper

1 tbsp of oil

Chopping board


3 bowls


Baking tray

Chicken goujons

Turn the oven on to gas mark 6 (200°C/400°F) so it can heat up. Cut each chicken breast into about 4 strips.

Chicken breast

Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk with a fork. Put the flour and breadcrumbs into separate bowls. Dip the chicken strips into the flour, the egg and then into the breadcrumbs, making sure they are coated all over.

Breadcrumb chicken

Grease the baking tray with a little oil and place the chicken goujons on the tray. Add some black pepper. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until the coating is golden and crisp and the chicken is cooked through.

Chicken goujons
Serving suggestions
  • The goujons can be served with baked potatoes or potato wedges and vegetables or a salad
  • Goujons make great finger food
  • Store cooled leftovers in the fridge and serve cold the next day in a lunchbox
Top tips
  • Make breadcrumbs by using bread at least a day old. Toast lightly and then break it up into crumbs with your fingers. Children can help with this (allow the toasted slices to cool first)
  • Children enjoy helping to dip and coat the chicken strips. Make sure they wash their hands well before and after doing this
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